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If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.

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i.e., tyler is Tyler Adams' second blog [under its second name]. He hopes you enjoy it. Subscribe, why don't you. This blog is hosted by Squarespace, yours should be too.

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'Tyler' is Tyler Adams.


Tyler hails from and lives in Seattle, Washington, by way of Garfield High School, followed by Goucher College, and is now the Online Community Moderator at Newsvine

A writer since forever, he's worked for South Seattle Star, Social Justice Fund NW, and Baltimore City Paper, among others. He edits everything he reads in his head. He doesn't read out loud enough, though, and will often mispronounce simple words, making him look dumb. He tries to write a verse of a song every day. He will outrap you.

After several lessons learned, he understands the nature of the internet, and therefore 1) tries not to be mean if it's not called for, and 2) doesn't really care if you check out his facebook page and all the semi-incriminating pictures on it. His career trajectory isn't taking him anywhere that they'll be a problem.

He really, really likes blogging and is always trying to update more often.

He is a bit uncomfortable writing in the third person.

Here's what he's digitally listening to:



 And here's a way to ask him a question: