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sample discovery porn: Crime Mob traces 'Circles' from The Friends of Distinction

New series. Might fill up quick.

I'm a sudden stan of The Friends of Distinction, which were a 5th-Dimension-blueprinted quartet, which featured Harry Elston and Floyd Butler out of Ray Charles' band The Hi-Fi's split up. They added Barbara Jean Love and Jessica Cleaves, a later sometime Earth, Wind and Fire collaborator who I began crushing on in this performance on Soul! [Check that archive, it's awesome.]

Their debut, Grazin', is a free love heat rock with Dimensionesque tempo changes and a ton of soprano and falsetto. Highly recommended.

They released another quality album, Highly Distinct, that didn't yield the same success as Grazin',  faded, and split.

Crime Mob are most known for a self-titled debut album during the brief reign of crunk that featured the raucous 'Knuck If You Buck' [I assumed they were on TVT with Lil Jon before I looked] and for being a mixed-gender group where the ladies - Princess and Diamond, teens at the time of the debut - spit way better than the guys. Their second album had a pretty ill marching-band first single in 'Rock Yo Hips' that did well, and then 'Circles' didn't chart.

Which is some bullshit. One of my favorite songs of the past decade.

Crime Mob - Circles

Friends Of Distinction - Goin' In Circles

Friends of Distinction @ AllMusic


25 singles for 2011

Also published at NV.

Inspired by Al Shipley's annual 50 singles list, the rules were:

  • Has to be on an album released in '11 [Otherwise 'Ass on the Floor' would have made an appearance]
  • Has to have a video ['Hope She Cheats On You' doesn't for some stupid reason, and it stays]

1. Wild Flag – Romance – I wanted to love Wild Flag. They made it easy. It’s not Sleater-Kinney 2.0, it’s a thumping, organ-riddled system-tester that’s even more fun than the video, somehow. It sounds like unity, from the the odd power-button beginning to the clapping breakdown to the calando ending. Great pop song, team effort – though Janet Weiss on the drums gets MVP awards.

Wild Flag

2. J. Cole - Work Out – I’m actually partial to the video because it quotes Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’ in the opening bars and that lack of pretense is why I like Cole more than Drake and his pocketful of eyebrow combs. This flopped but didn’t deserve to; it’s a wonderful talkbox-featuring light summer jam that I’ll be breaking out every BBQ until the end of time.

3. Marsha Ambrosius - Hope She Cheats On You – Marsha always had a way with love songs, but since Floetry stopped she’s turned herself into a whole identity – and here she indulges the petty, vengeful side that we all feel when we see an ex with someone new.

4. SBTRKT - Wildfire - The most entrancing first twelve bars of the year lull you in, then siren Yukimi Nagano tags out for something that sounds like an actual siren on codeine, then the chorus drops. And it somehow gets better from there.

5. Black Keys - Lonely Boy – Danger Mouse cleans up the living room; the Keys stretch out on the couch, flip over the Ottoman, and jam some pop in their blues-rock.

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sfs: 'kelly green'[s] for lauren

Say it two times! Quick hit because it's Monday, but it's nice to blog. Redesigned header coming shortly.

'Kelly Green' - Project Pat featuring Juicy J

'Kelly Green' - Wille Hutch

Have I ever babbled to you about how much I love Willie Hutch? It's fun tracking down his career on vinyl. One of the ones I don't have is 1979's Midnight Dancer, but RAPPAMELO's got it in this megapost.

Project Pat's most recent one is Loud Pack from July and I like what he's done with the place. It's just straightforward Memphis in-control G slang but with a little more luxury in the beats - and the rhymes, really. It's almost grown dope boy music - 'I Got A Question' seems like a measured legitimate inquiry compared to every track about haters I can think of. 'Kelly Green' is the album highlight though.

'Stay Fly' is what got me started on digging for Hutch. Three Six have loved Willie Hutch forever and this is one of the best flips yet - love Pat's verse - but I think the original still wins. There's an XXL article from around the time Most Known Unknowns came out that covers Juicy J and Hutch meeting and Hutch basically cosigning their sampling.


a 'colonial african' wedding is a mindblowing concept

It's gotta be so super weird to live in South Africa when stuff like this happens. And then again - maybe not. I've never been there. The most I've seen of it was the nation's best face for the World Cup last summer. It's easy to forget that apartheid's not even two decades dead there.

This now-cached post at FYWeddingIdeas went mini-viral and flitted across my dashboard this morning. It's a 'Colonial Africa' themed wedding. People objected.

Turns out it was held in Mpumalanga - the original post from the photographers is still live, but it looks like people have begun to make their dissatisfaction known. You can probably see why - this picture is one of two featuring black people. They're all attendants or servers.

via We Love Pictures

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why root against lebron? let me count three reasons.

My morning has turned around dramatically. I thought I had gotten stiff-armed by Goldie Taylor, who you really should be aggregating and who showed out a month ago on Maddow when she got airtime to read this piece. I was bummed. Then she responded again:

I'm just not clear what makes him a villain...

Let me try to clarify.

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