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listen to top 40

I had a conversation with my brilliant little sister when she was back from school and a very obvious top 40 jam that I can't remember came up in conversation and I'd never heard it. She's at school and KUBE apparently comes in crystal clear there, and I realized that I hadn't listened to any radio other than KEXP, SNSS, and sports in a few months. [I take the bus a lot, and I just got a Focus and that means the Zune Classic basically stays in the ride on shuffle.]

So I turned on 92.5 the past week and heard this track:

Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris and DJ Frank E - Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)

Whaaaat. Obviously, I heard the radio version - 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)'. I was giddy to figure out what the uncensored version is. This type of cokey, synth-soaked stuff is what he should have been making from jump - whenever I saw Enrique interviewed he came off as this really likable Miami rich kid and this has probably been in his head since he was 16. Ludacris cruises through and drops a thoroughly unmemorable verse [Luda says 'ass' once and Ricky Churches drops 'fuckin'' 12 times, three per chorus - kind of an upset]. I would have loved it if someone had returned serve - remember when Luda was that guy? - but I'm not too mad at it.

Has a mainstream sex-symbol male ever dropped a single that's this combination of direct/presumptuous? I was thinking the Pied Piper's history would have something, but I can't come up with a challenger; 'Your Body's Callin'' ain't it. Next's 'Too Close', my favorite song in seventh grade, is explicitly about boners but still pleading. If this is where pop music is headed, I look forward to amateur and professional music anthropologists trying to figure out if it's influencing teenage sexuality or if The Industry's trying to respond to it. You know the clean version of this is gonna set it off at a bunch of proms.

The single cover is a horrible look, though. After the jump.

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why whitehurst

Updated on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 12:58 by Registered CommenterTyler

Intelligent people are going to take an indefensible position this week and argue that Matt Hasselbeck should start for the Seattle Seahawks at quarterback against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday. Wrong.

I love Matt, but he's terrible.

Charlie Whitehurst is not. He may be bad, he likely isn't the answer to the Seahawks long-term QB problems, and he may not even be the best QB on the roster, but him starting should dramatically improve the Seahawks' chances of winning. Field Gulls gets to the heart of the matter:

Jeremy Bates runs a fundamentally different offense with Whitehurst under center. From the moment Whitehurst booted right and tossed it across the field to Mike Williams running a drag towards the left, it was clear: Bates needs a quarterback that can spread the field horizontally with his legs. For weeks Bates was attempting to bludgeon his playbook into something Hasselbeck could execute, but Hasselbeck could not execute. He could not roll out without becoming a liability. He could not scramble. Whitehurst scrambled for four, seven and nine yard gains on first down, and scrambled for a nine yard gain to convert second and six. Minor as it might seem, those runs are valuable, and those runs keep defenses honest against bootlegs. Whitehurst's mobility, arm strength and ability to pass down field while on the move are all integral to Bates's offense working.

The Seahawks beat a bad Rams team on Sunday, but not a bad Rams defense. Their offense was already limited and their playcalling was stupefyingly conservative, but the Rams D pressured Whitehurst. They made him move, and instead of giving the ball and game away, he scrambled and didn't force things, and instead of the Rams defense leading them to a win with multiple turnovers, as they did against trainwrecks like Jimmy Clausen and Derek Anderson, but even against better QBs - Kyle Orton tossed two picks and All-World Philip Rivers got sacked seven times and threw one.

A Gregg Williams-piloted Saints D will probably be an even stiffer test. The Seahawks will need to win the turnover battle to win. They'll need some semblance of the defense that showed up last week, and to do that they need to not go three-and-out. Yes, that is where I am at as a Seahawks fan; choosing my starting QB on who is more likely to turn things into a possession game against one of the most high-powered offenses in recent memory. [Seriously, as a 'Hawks fan, this is fun. Zero expectations, home playoff game, a chance - however small - to knock off the defending champs? Sign me up.]

 Photo by Jon Lok

The reasons to start Hasselbeck are dumb.

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rest in peace, dave

During the summer of 1995, I listened to Dave Niehaus a million times more intently than I did my own parents. I am forever indebted. He died today. You can read something more extensive and laborious here, or you can listen to the man tell you about that summer himself.

The Opening Act

Middle Innings

When It All Began

Refusing To Lose [I turn nine during this one]

Curtain Call

You lived an incredible life, Dave. I'll miss you every summer.


blackface is particularly unacceptable on halloween

A friend of a friend dressed in blackface for Halloween. Here's why that's not okay.

A quick review: blackface was used by whites to disseminate crude stereotypes of black people that persist to this day. Catch up here. Originating in the early nineteenth century, the practice continued deep into the 20th century. Al Jolson sold a whole lot of records.

The above record was pressed in 1973. And this guy wasn't alone in dressing in blackface for Halloween. But that's no excuse.

In the image, which you can see here, the guy's wearing an oversized hoodie and a gold chain. It's reasonable to interpret this costume as a stereotype of a black man. [It's taking a mature restraint and a late hour to keep me from extrapolating the alternate Yankees fitted into a comparison tangent about gangsta rap vis-a-vis the 'buck' stereotype that blackface performances cultivated.]

Halloween costumes for anyone out of high school tend to be outsized attempts at 'sexy', 'scary', or 'funny'. What, then, in addition to all the miserable historical connotations, does wearing blackface for Halloween imply black people are? Hilarious, fearsome, and/or seductive, unless your party is on an island far away from mainstream culture. Looking at the costume, the first two adjectives seem more likely.

One big problem with blackface in this once-a-year Halloween getup is even more simple, though:

By donning someone's race and skin color as a costume - and by saying as much - you are claiming that an entire heritage is as simple to adopt as slathering on shoe polish. [Or flour, really - if I dressed as an Italian for Halloween, that would be equally simple on this level.] When you consider that black heritage is one pitted against oppression, lynching, slavery, and a culture that, yes, employs racial stereotypes propagated by blackface minstrelsy to this day, it's remarkably offensive even before addressing the timeline context.

Here's the sad connection between the OG blackface performer and a kid in upstate New York proclaiming 'fucking BLACK' as a costume, as stated by Eric Lott here:

I think the stereotypes that emerge from the 19th century minstrel show circulate to the present day and are crucial in defining white people's sense of who black people are, I'm sad to say.

Folks, put the burnt cork down and go as one of the obvious ones next year.


sfs: i get around for lauren

I don't even know Lauren. I mean, I've met her once, but we just agree on music through the Internet for the most part. Definitely a Defense of Social.

This Dragonette remix knocks. I forgot how good that first Dragonette album is. The end is kind of a tease though.

Dragonette - I Get Around [Midnight Juggernaut remix]

Shot by Johnny Blue Eyes, which is a solid porn name.

She fine, too.

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