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sfs: two for lauren

Updated on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 21:42 by Registered CommenterTyler

Lauren makes me do work, man.

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sample discovery porn: Crime Mob traces 'Circles' from The Friends of Distinction

New series. Might fill up quick.

I'm a sudden stan of The Friends of Distinction, which were a 5th-Dimension-blueprinted quartet, which featured Harry Elston and Floyd Butler out of Ray Charles' band The Hi-Fi's split up. They added Barbara Jean Love and Jessica Cleaves, a later sometime Earth, Wind and Fire collaborator who I began crushing on in this performance on Soul! [Check that archive, it's awesome.]

Their debut, Grazin', is a free love heat rock with Dimensionesque tempo changes and a ton of soprano and falsetto. Highly recommended.

They released another quality album, Highly Distinct, that didn't yield the same success as Grazin',  faded, and split.

Crime Mob are most known for a self-titled debut album during the brief reign of crunk that featured the raucous 'Knuck If You Buck' [I assumed they were on TVT with Lil Jon before I looked] and for being a mixed-gender group where the ladies - Princess and Diamond, teens at the time of the debut - spit way better than the guys. Their second album had a pretty ill marching-band first single in 'Rock Yo Hips' that did well, and then 'Circles' didn't chart.

Which is some bullshit. One of my favorite songs of the past decade.

Crime Mob - Circles

Friends Of Distinction - Goin' In Circles

Friends of Distinction @ AllMusic


whatever happened to jon stewart's 'unleavened'?

I don't know how I got Jon Stewart's 1996 HBO special Unleavened, but I'm really glad I have it. I think the first time I heard it I was in high school and it was particularly resonant because there's a riff about bombing Saddam Hussein and Operation Iraqi Freedom was underway. It's still really salient. Stewart is one of the most famous and relevant personalities in the country, and he got there by being hilariously cutting about politics, and the heart of the routine is 'Politics and Activism', which clocks in at over 21 minutes [at least in my tracks] and snaps on Farrakhan, foreign policy, and pot legalization, including dead-on impressions of Ross Perot and Bob Dole. A more devoted Daily Show fan will surely connect the dots. It's pretty brilliant work and stays steadier than most comedy albums.

So why isn't it for sale?

You can't buy it on Amazon. The IMDB page isn't much help other than to confirm it was an HBO Special and the title's right. So what's keeping it off CD and DVD? Does Stewart not want it out? Is there some production company balagan?

I just got back from a trip to Israel and Buttercup and I did a little bit of the routine in front of old and new friends - there's a gut-busting bit on religious proximity in 'War 'N Stuff' - and I promised I'd post it. Download away - it's not like you have a legal acquisition option short of scouring eBay.

Weather Channel

1996 Olympics

War 'N Stuff

Politics And Activism

New York And Staying Healthy

MTV And Sex

Judaism vs. Christianity

Clip after the jump if you want to see what it looked like.

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sfs: i get around for lauren

I don't even know Lauren. I mean, I've met her once, but we just agree on music through the Internet for the most part. Definitely a Defense of Social.

This Dragonette remix knocks. I forgot how good that first Dragonette album is. The end is kind of a tease though.

Dragonette - I Get Around [Midnight Juggernaut remix]

Shot by Johnny Blue Eyes, which is a solid porn name.

She fine, too.


sfs: wear clean draws for bianca and my future daughter

It's presumptuous to think I'll have a kid. [I'm terrified of pregnancy.] But I couldn't think of a better way to put it in the headline.

Whatever you think of The Coup's occasionally uneven discography, it's hard to deny that Boots can write and Pam can lay tracks. When they're both on point it's magical. I think I was still in middle school when I heard 'Fat Cats, Bigga Fish' at a friend's place [with the Baloo sample!] and lost my mind. This is my favorite, though:

The Coup - Wear Clean Draws

Bianca's a NYC girl, as she'll gladly tell you. She's funny as hell but will step to you in a second, and she did a really good job of bridging the gap between real talk and academic speech in school. I have girl friends that I think of as older sisters and twins, but few younger sisters. Bianca's one of them. I'm really proud of her.

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