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here's some really discouraging math about sexual assault in the military

My coworkers, the esteemed ' staff and news services', published this article:

Panetta: Could be 19,000 military sex assaults each year

Bad news, obviously, and I was curious to see how this compares to America's ratio for sexual assault, so here's some math.

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a 'colonial african' wedding is a mindblowing concept

It's gotta be so super weird to live in South Africa when stuff like this happens. And then again - maybe not. I've never been there. The most I've seen of it was the nation's best face for the World Cup last summer. It's easy to forget that apartheid's not even two decades dead there.

This now-cached post at FYWeddingIdeas went mini-viral and flitted across my dashboard this morning. It's a 'Colonial Africa' themed wedding. People objected.

Turns out it was held in Mpumalanga - the original post from the photographers is still live, but it looks like people have begun to make their dissatisfaction known. You can probably see why - this picture is one of two featuring black people. They're all attendants or servers.

via We Love Pictures

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no one would ever boo bill nye

Ugh, two kind of political posts in a row. Humming through my news feed today is this Tumblr post:

Bill Nye Boo'd In Texas For Saying The Moon Reflects The Sun

Yipe, how terrible! Except not. No reports of booing from anyone who claims to be at the event have surfaced, and I found the original report in five minutes. It's after the jump:

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apparently one of the 'reverbations' of the Doush's release is wikivandalism

Oh come on, ESPN, that's three dropped letters. 'Reverbations' isn't even close to a word.

As you can see, the Newsvine team's least favorite Seahawk won't be one much longer, and so I can stop whiteknighting him and his awesome CRIBS appearance now.

Also, somebody with a vendetta against English, Sal Paolantonio, and Lendale White got into Housh's wiki:


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i need to step up my business card game

Met Josh and Tyler from Squarespace at an An Event Apart afterdeal last night. [Yeah, I know that sentence doesn't look right.] Was reminded that even when you have a gig a business card makes you look a lot more like a grownup. Lookit that thing, it makes you think they designed the logo with die-cutting in mind.

Between that and the boss's showoff material, I've definitely got to run off something more baller than scribbling on someone else's forgotten card. At least before I traipse into a room full of designers again.

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